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Sophie Hatter



Contact information

Player: Song
Plurk: [plurk.com profile] bemusements
Other Contact: I always have my mail open, so PMs work a treat.

Character information

Physical characteristics

Appearance; first impressions: You might rub your eyes upon meeting Sophie Hatter. At first glance she appears as a shy young woman with red-gold hair. Turn around and she appears as a crotchety old crone of around 90. The real Sophie Hatter is 19 years old and of medium height. The Witch of the Waste cursed her and transformed her into an old woman. The curse has actually been lifted in her canon point, but Sophie subconsciously maintains the spell on herself. She can't control it; she's just not letting it go away. Her form shifts whenever she's in dreamland to reflect this. She has no real control over it, though it's not willy nilly. The Sophie displayed is the one that most closely resembles her mood.

Mental Characteristics

Psychic Abilities: None
Magic Abilities: Sophie has the ability to talk "life" into objects and cast charms upon them (via talking). Currently, she's unaware she possesses these powers. Any creations will happen by sheer luck.


Out of Character Permissions

✦ Fourthwalling: No
✦ Threadjacking: Absolutely, though if Sophie and another character are having an important conversation you should probably pick a different thread so you don't interrupt. I happen to think multiple player threads are fun and I don't mind other characters popping in to make observations or talk to someone else (even if it's not Sophie) so go for it if that's what you're aiming for. I have a screwy RL schedule, so you might want to check and make sure I can keep up with a 3 or more person thread before starting it. I wouldn't want to hold anyone up.
✦ Backtagging: All for it. RL happens to me more than I like to admit, so I completely understand. If you're reviving a thread that's been dead for a month or more, please PM to make sure my schedule allows me to work it in. I'm always interested in threading, but we may need to talk about how to get everything done beforehand. Feel free to poke me if I haven't responded to a tag. DW screws up, the internet eats notifs and, yes, sometimes the mun even fails. (Shocking, I know.) Just don't poke me a million times an hour.

Physical Permissions

In general I prefer to be contacted about any action that will affect my characters. It's not that I object to or want to avoid events. I just prefer to know what's coming or might not want to thread something out and prefer to do a brief summary or hand wave. Besides, it can be a lot of fun to discuss the encounter with the other player and brainstorm all the ways we can mess up our characters. I know I sound like a stick in the mud with all the "contact pleases." I'm actually open to allowing a lot of freedom with character actions, but I've been burned in the past and feel more comfortable to be told ahead of time rather than simply allowing things to be done to my character. I do ask you to refrain from NSFW or trigger-type tags. I don't have any triggers myself, but I definitely want to make sure appropriate warnings are posted. Also, there are some situations I just won't play (noncon and dubcon, for instance).

Killing this character: If Sophie gets herself into a situation where she'd be killed so be it. Please PM me first though. Just like to know that stuff OOC-ly first.
Injuring this character: Sophie isn't a fighter, so it should be easy to injure her. However, her ability to charm objects might well allow her creative counter to an attack. Better if you know that so the encounter flows better. I would prefer no permanent injuries.
Fighting this character: Sure. I doubt she'll put up much of a fight, but her magic allows a lot of flexibility (especially as she gains more powers). She could surprise your character. I'm okay with writing things out.
Intimacy; initiating physical contact with this character: Sophie is very old-fashioned (think Edwardian or even Victorian times). She would be flustered if she received a friendly hug, but she'd probably return it. She'd run away or stand in absolute shock if a friend made a more romantic overture (kissing, romantic embrace).

The operative word is "friend." If a stranger or slight acquaintance grabbed her out of the blue she would be shocked and possibly downright angry. She'd be more lenient if it was a friendly and sincere gesture (e.g., an acquaintance giving her a celebratory hug in the heat of the moment). Anything romantic (romantic kiss or hug) would cause her to give the instigator a good dressing down with her tongue if she manages to get over her disbelief that it even happened. If you do this to Old Sophie, she'd think you were crazy (though she'd possibly be secretly pleased). Then she'd chew you out.

That's not to say Sophie would object to all intimate gestures. She's merely bound by her upbringing. Remember sexy times for Sophie would never be a casual thing. Also, please do not attempt any surprise sexual advances that are more intense than a kiss or a hug. This is particularly important if you're a stranger. Remember, Sophie is unaware of the casual lifestyle of our more modern times. Your character's actions stand a great chance of being misunderstood. Her reaction could be violent, furious and terrified (not necessarily in that order). It's best to get in touch so we can talk things over first.

Limiting this character's physical autonomy: I'm fine with this. Please talk to me OOCly if you plan to do anything else to her while she's restrained/in prison.

Mental Permissions

Mental privacy; what kind of thoughts can typically be detected? Does the character have any secrets that you'd prefer to hold onto?: Sophie doesn't possess any psychic abilities. She'd have the defenses of a typical normal, so anyone with the skill could easily sift through her thoughts. She doesn't have any secrets to speak of. If she later knows a secret in game, she won't have the mental defenses to prevent a skilled telepath from discovering it.

Normal thoughts would probably be ones of inadequacy or mild irritation if Young Sophie and good-natured grouchiness of Old Sophie. Ask me what she would have been thinking at that time if you plan to post your findings. Don't put thoughts into her head (unless it's reference to the below permission).

Limiting this character's mental autonomy: Contact me if you plan to have her harm someone else. I'm not against, but it would cause a lot of angst for her once she's herself again. I might ask for a compromise to avoid playing out a bunch of her moaning and whining and self-blame. I opt out of all mind controlled sexual situations.

Character Stats

Karma Points

Negative Karma Points: 0
Positive Karma Points: 0

Current Powers

Power Name:  Charm Object
Current Level: 1

Sophie's basic power is the ability to talk life into objects. She can also charm items and imbue them with certain abilities, some of which will be useful to their users. She must talk to the object for this to occur.

Current Power Limits: Sophie can only affect fabric, yarn or cloth items that are already in existence. (She can't conjure something out of thin air.) The charms are very basic and will last from a few minutes to a few hours. Generally, they'll elicit certain mild reactions from people who encounter the wearer. Please see her app for a listing of sample charms.

Sophie can also perform what I call her, "kind-hearted woman," skills. These are homey actions someone else may perform. However, Sophie talks to things while she's using them, so her results are just a tad better. Some examples:
  • Fluff a pillow to ensure a good night's sleep or make someone feel sleepy; but not put someone into a deep sleep against their will
  • Make a tonic to perk someone up
  • Brew tea to calm someone
  • Serve homemade chicken soup to help get over a cold.

Powers Plan

Level 2: Sophie learns to charm other simple items for brief periods of time (wood, an unlit candle or wet match, doors, windows and locks, simple weapons, etc.

Level 3: Sophie learns she can do magic.

Level 4: Minor healing (e.g., basic first aid)

Level 5: Duration increased

Level 6: Power of charm effects increased

Level 7: Sophie learns how to affect more complex items.


AC comment form:

Shift: Number, Name (1st, Stonebridge Cross)
Summary of events: To complete the AC, you need at least one Development Event, ie, a significant event that has some effect on your character's development. Briefly describe and link to the relevant threads.
[Thread I Sophie arrives at Stonebridge and allows Mr. Smith to take her picture.]
[Thread II Sophie's arrival at Stonebridge. She meets Cabal and they decide to head towards the Clock Tower.]
[Thread III Sophie discusses possibility of brochures with Ryan.](Be sure to describe and link to every significant thread.
You will receive Karma points based on those links. Additionally, make a note of any player plots you've run.)
Karma spending: How you want to spend your Karma points for this Shift, should you receive some or already have some. (These changes will have to be mod approved before you can apply them to your character info sheet.)
Canon update: Not much, worked on the garden. Probably the point where Miss Angorian waltzes into the castle before it all goes down.


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